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People shun others because of fear. Fear is a very powerful motivator. When your old friends look at you, they face a decision. You or everyone else in their life. Sorry, but you lose. Because shunning only works when the majority fall in line. Once the majority stop fearing the lies, then the power of shunning vaporizes.

Apostle Paul faced the shunning too, including attacks on his life. As he faced martyrdom, he boldly declared that "God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and a sober mind!" He told Timothy that the spirit of fear was not from God. The power behind all shunning is not from God. When you see people making fear-based decisions, cowardly decisions void of all love, which make no sense at all, then remember Paul's counsel.

The Gospel and Epistles of John also address this fear. Many who heard Jesus speak and work on earth were also gripped by fear. Fear of shunning, fear of being an outcast, fear of losing friends and family. Fear is definitely real, powerful, motivating, and disaffects our ability to think clearly. I believe that faith in Jesus includes the power to overcome fear.

On the cross Jesus faced these same fears. The shunning. The shame. The mocking. The intimidation. The rejection. Add to that the cruel tortures. He faced them, even despised them, so that He could help us endure the same. Some of the deepest and richest experiences of God's faithful love result during these times.
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