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Default Re: "God died on the cross."

Originally Posted by ZNPaaneah View Post
What does this mean? Earlier you said it was "logical" that God died. Now you are parsing that? We now have "God the divine" and "God in the Flesh" as two separate entities? Keep digging
It's logical to say "God died" if Jesus is "God in the flesh".

It is not logical to say "Jesus is God in the flesh" and then say "only man died, not God". On this point I was able to answer the "world's toughest Catholic quiz" accurately before even looking at the answer. Don't complain I used a Catholic quiz - Catholic means universal .

Hypostatic union - God-man.

Originally Posted by ZNPaaneah View Post
This is absurd. So the God atoms and human atoms were all one after the incarnation? How was it that Jesus asked "My God, My God why have you forsaken me?" Didn't He know you can't separate the God atoms from the human atoms? The Spirit of God left Him but the God atoms didn't?

So I am assuming that this doctrine is also something that we don't need verses for since there are "too many interpretations"? Quite amazing that those who believe in the Bible by necessity believe in a flat earth (according to you) and also "God atoms"!

You do realize of course that during a lunar eclipse they could see that the shadow of the Earth was round?

This is what happens when you leave the word of God to try and explain mysteries. The word of God became flesh and tabernacled among us. He traveled around in a human form like someone who was camping in a tent. This tent was "ripped" at the crucifixion opening the way to the Holy of Holies where God was. God is not typified by the tent, He is typified by the ark of covenant.
On the main forum I have addressed the question of did God forsake Jesus or not. I believe it is a rhetorical question, Jesus was quoting Psalm 22 verse 2. His audience must be known he was quoting that. I am sure they were not saying to themselves "oh look the Father left Jesus". Those who knew the full Psalm would have known that Jesus does not actually get forsaken completely - a foretaste of the resurrection.

Ancients knew the Earth was a circle. They didn't know it was a sphere. There is no such thing as a three-dimensional shadow and you cannot determine three dimensions from a shadow. A two dimensional shadow would confirm to them that the Earth is a circle.

I believe Jesus's body to be comprised of God and human atoms, joined, somehow, but not creating a third substance of "God-human atoms". I believe the God and human atoms to be inseparable. "God in the flesh" means Christ in his body had God-atoms.

Jesus's flesh was not just a human tent for God to live in. Jesus's flesh itself contained God as Jesus was Incarnated. He is of two natures "indivisibly, inseparably.", that is, he is not two people, a God person and then a man person. That's the Incarnation.

I do not think "God in the flesh" means Jesus's body was just an empty shell or tent for God.


John 1:14, God was made flesh.

It's a mystery however, and I doubt I am correct.
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