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Default Re: "God died on the cross."

Originally Posted by Ohio View Post
I don't think the scripture says specifically, "God died on the cross." In the early part of Acts, the Apostles' message was "this man, Jesus the Nazarene, the Holy and Righteous One, His servant Jesus, the Author of Life, whom you killed, whom God raised up." (2.23, 3.13-15, 5.30, 7.52) In other places, "Christ died for our sins, acc. to the scripture."

To say this we must infer from verses like Phil 2.5-11, Acts 20.28, etc.

Once we actually say "God died" then we have opened the door to unnecessary controversy. That discussion is similar to saying "Jesus is God, hence Mary must be the mother of God."

This is why some Christians have used the expression, "God has passed thru death in Jesus," based on the Lord's own words, "I have the power to lay down my life, and to take it up again." (Acts 10)
Good response bro Ohio.

Plus, if God died on the cross, who was Jesus praying to at Gethsemane? Who was he asking to, "let this cup pass from me?"

Surely he wasn't praying to himself.

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