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Default Re: The Judgment Seat of Christ, Great White Throne, ...

Originally Posted by least View Post
At the great white throne, there were books and another book, book of life.

Since the dead were judged out of those things written in the books, according to their works; who are the 'whosoever' not found written in the book of life?

The great white throne is after the thousand years kingdom. Can it be that people (of nations) living in the thousand years, can have their names writte (or not written) in the book of life?
Hmmm ... what about the sheep in Matt 25.34 who were rewarded for their acts of kindness?

Were they judged according to the "eternal gospel" (Rev 14.6) warning the inhabitants of the earth to "fear God and give Him the glory?"

Does it seem like faith is noticeably missing in these scriptures?
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