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Default Re: I'm so lost on how to live a normal life

Wow, you all seem to have been through a lot more than me. Slowly I think I am finding that normal life and showing love to everyone and judging less and brushing those things away. I've overcome so much thanks to the Holy Spirit, God the Father, and Jesus I just know I have anxiety tendencies. Some things that really helped so far have been giving away money to various organizations, volunteering, and just hanging out with people who are lost and showing them the joy I have. My goal is just to spread the love so maybe some day someone who is having a hard time will notice and ask me why I am joyous constantly (assuming I can persevere in the difficult times and show joy the same as in these easy times, and I trust God will help me with that) and then I can tell them how awesome Christ is.

Of course I believe staying in the Word is important, but I think that it is important that people around me see how God changes people. If I were to just sit in the Word all day I feel I'd be going to one side of an extreme, which I think is not the best way to spread Christ's love for us, and it's easy to go into extremes. The best way we can spread Christ's love is to live a balanced, joyous life that people seek so hard to find. The two greatest commandments were to love your neighbor as yourself and to love God with all your heart, soul, and strength (I think) so if we just read the Word the entire time or get into extremes we aren't maximizing our potential. So... yeah that's my plan right now it's all so clear in my head but I'm not sure if in practice it will remain clear my entire life since God can change our course of thinking SO quickly. I've noticed though, that every time life gets really hard when I finally exit it I find myself thinking "Wow, God's plan IS PERFECT! I can't believe how much I needed that hard time to set me straight!". Definitely have to stay in the Word and just keep praying and just keep loving our neighbors, and trust in God with all our heart because HE will set our paths straight! Even if it's through an experience like we've had with the local church.

Thank you brothers, and good luck
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