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Default Re: How Much To Throw Out?

Originally Posted by NewManLiving View Post
It took me years to even trust anyone with facial hair.
That's funny.

I remember years ago (1979?) Titus Chu visited us in Columbus for a conference of sorts. A dear brother BR from Willoughby just happened to visit one evening. The brother had grown a beard since the last time I saw him. Titus noticed it and launched into a his "burden" about how growing a beard indicates our heart has grown cold towards the Lord. Everyone knew whom he was speaking to. Such was life under the "ministry" of Titus Chu.

Years later in 2003 I began studying the British Brethren movement in an attempt to understand what had happened to my beloved Recovery. I obtained a book Chief Men Among the Brethren, one hundred short bios of their influential brothers with pics. I quickly noticed that 90% of them had beards. How could this be? Didn't bearded men have cold hearts?

Being "slow of heart" like those on the road to Emmaus who took hours to recognize Jesus, I finally came to realize how culture determines one's spirituality. Chinese people can't grow nice beards, so Chinese ministers deemed them nonspiritual. British folks grow nice beards, so British ministers deemed them spiritual. Simple as that!
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