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Default Re: Help a concerned FTT trainee.

Hey sister, I am guessing we are at a similar age. I too was an active "member" on campus, but I didn't follow most of my friends who ended up in the training. That's another story, but the friends of mine in the training now are very dear to me and I miss them a lot. However I do know a few of them have dropped out after completing a term or two, and I believe they remain in good relationships with other saints. In your case, since your parents aren't really supportive, you have another solid reason to drop out, if you feel so after prayers and considerations. Please know that as Paul says, he doesn't even judge himself nor does he let others judge him. He knows it is and will be the Lord who judges. So whether you remain in the training or not, your decision won't change your status or standing before the Lord. ***You are no less "victorious" or loved by the Lord when compared to others who are in training. ***

By the way, I find it interesting that my friend who is in the training recently shared with us that "sometimes we shouldn't over-spiritualise" things. She said sometimes she wants to just turn to the spirit and remove her thoughts but it often is unsuccessful. She said the Lord cares for our soul as well and that she uses such ones to shepherd others. It's very true and I hope you will also, through your confusion and exhaustion, grow deeper in the Lord and to one another.

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