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Default Re: Help a concerned FTT trainee.

I graduated from the FTTA within the last several years. I also attended the FTTT for a period. My time in the FTTA was valuable to me for the relationships formed there. I doubt I will ever again experience such camaraderie as I found in that setting. The brothers I grew close to there remain my dearest friends.

The real purpose of the FTTA, however, is to "constitute" young people with Witness Lee's ministry. When you stop and think about this, you realize how insidious it is. For this reason, I could never recommend the FTTA to anyone after me. I also feel that the standards and requirements set there give a strange and unrealistic view of what it means to be a Christian (e.g. - lint-rolling your bed for hairs = "God-man living," etc.). This can be very damaging, and the effect can take years to unravel.

If you have any questions about my experience, please feel free to contact me. I feel that the experience one has in the FTTA today is rather different from the LC of 30 years ago, etc.
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