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Default Re: Whose on First?

Abbott: Two or three cannot be a Church
Costello: How many do you need?
Abbott: More than two or three?
Costello: So then you need 4?
Abbott: No, I said "more"?
Costello: How many?
Abbott: 12. You see it is common sense. The verse in Matt 18 about two or three, the context in this portion [the only two chapters in the gospels where Jesus talks about the church] is about dealing with sin. No, it has to be 12 because there were 12 apostles.
Costello: Oh, so the context in Matt 18 concerning the church is the reason that two or three cannot be a church, but the context about 12 apostles which has nothing to do with the church, that is OK?
Abbott: Yes its common sense. Besides think about the Nicene Creed, that was decided by more than two or three, and the council in Acts 15, that was more than 2 or 3.

This may seem like a comedy routine but as funny as Evangelical is, the point is that saying the verse "wherever two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in their midst" is referring to the church obliterates Witness Lee's doctrine of dirt.
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