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Default Re: How many is "a church"?

If a brother is involved in some sin, two or three go to him, and he listens to them it may not be necessary to involve anyone else. But, once you decide this sinning brother is not willing to listen to them, then at that point you do need transparency. You need to present the proof to the church of a gross sin. Two or three are certainly sufficient to do that in some cases, in others you may need 10 or 20 (how many have testified on this forum?). But it must be transparent, it must provide proof, and it must be supported by scripture. This is without a doubt the failing in the LRC. I saw more people excommunicated there than anywhere else, but rarely did I get to see the proof. I would say that Titus Chu was the only time I was given the evidence, but I felt it was not supported by scripture.
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