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Originally Posted by aron View Post
One thing to consider, and even publicly consider in front of your husband, is why did the 'recovery' movement so prominently include women in its formative years, while today, 100 years later, no woman can function at all?

Madame Guyon, Dora Yu, Peace Wang, Ruth Lee, Margaret Barber, Miss Groves (Barber's peer), Jessie Penn-Lewis, Mary McDonough (tripartite man): all of these women played formative roles in the lives of Nee and Lee as they grew. Yet today none of them would be allowed to give a Lord's Day talk, or even teach privately.

If you ask your husband this, not in the way of confrontation or antagonism, but in a genuine quest to find an answer, he may consider. I mean, what is the answer, here? Maybe there is a good one, that I haven't come up with yet. Possible.

Just asking questions, gently and genuinely and openly, is a good start. Your husband has a logical mind, designed by God. The reflexive, don't-think-don't-ask program of the LC has suppressed it, but it is merely latent. Begin to gently poke it and it will emerge like a small green sprout in the sun.

Happy new year. May it be the year of many small beginnings. Zechariah 4:10 (NLT)
Forgive me for my bitterness and brutal honesty, it is bound to show through from time to time.

I know what my husband thinks of women. He learned it from his father and it was reaffirmed by the LC. I have no desire to ask him that question at the moment.

In an attempted to end on a positive note, I will say that I hope with all my heart that the Lord does save my husband for the sake of my children.
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