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Default Re: What ever happened to Max Rappaport, John Ingells?

Originally Posted by JJ View Post
I came in to TLR right after brother Max R exited. The saints in my locality were happy he was gone, saying they had been doing some "Tom Foolery" while he was leading.

From this clip, it is clear he loves the Lord and His word. He has a big presense like a few other brothers still in TLR, but seems somewhat humbled.
JJ, I joined the church in Cleveland 2 years before Max departed. Much has been written about Max on this forum. At one point his daughter posted on the board. Here's the Cliff's Notes version:

Max was gifted salesman, turned evangelist, and groomed by Lee. With the new start of LSM (Stream Publishers ended) in Anaheim on Ball Road, Max was promoted to heir apparent and the "Universal Coordinator of the One New Man." Lee used Max to travel to the LC's, disrupting them, and shaking up their leadership with the goal of bringing all the saints under his dominion. Max signaled the end of "local churches," and the beginning of the "one body," code words for LSM maneuvers.

Lee used Max like a pawn, taking advantage of his talents and relative Christian immaturity. Max was morally upright, however, and confronted Phillip Lee in a restaurant about his affair at the new LSM office under construction. To avoid family embarrassment, Lee shamed Max's wife publicly, an old Chinese custom, while Max was out of town doing Lee's bidding. Lee called it the "sisters' rebellion." With Lee's takeover plans hitting a pothole, he dumped Max, blaming everything on him, and came out smelling like a rose.

Later on after he departed, Max repented, realizing he was used and discarded by Lee, and returned to his First Love. Apparently, the Lord did restor his ministry. Lee, however, never took any responsibility for his actions. Phillip later surfaced to create more chaos, expel elders and workers, molest more female "interns" at LSM, create a money-making enterprise, and bring all the saints under subjection.
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