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Default Re: What ever happened to Max Rappaport, John Ingells?

Originally Posted by Ohio View Post
If I were such an evil person, would you give me any grace? Would you even visit or talk to me? I doubt if you would even dare send me an email.
That must explain why I don't receive any emails anymore from brothers.
Really Ohio, the LSM practice of grace can be summed up as "If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? For even sinners love those who love them. " (Luke 6:32)

True example; a brother or sister can use the prophesying meeting as a platform to put down non-LSM Christian fellowships and rasing the concern to an elder, the brother or sister just needs to be given grace. (After all, he is positive for the ministry.) By contrast, certain celders and coworkers leave the LSM fellowship, instead of giving them grace after they leave their character is assasinated and their integrity is besmirched.

A brother doesn't even have to be a coworker, just a small potato who expresses a concern and he is removed from fellowship. Where is the ministry of grace?

Those of you who may have been involved in carpentry, have you ever tried to hammer a nail into a knot? The nail will go sideways. Having tried to go on in the local churches, that is what the absence of grace in the local churches caused me to go.
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