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Default Re: What ever happened to Max Rappaport, John Ingells?

Originally Posted by Terry View Post
I wonder what is meant by never "moved on". If it's because of the format, I see it's logical have met that way since the 60's. Many former LC members might have trouble meetings any other way where there's no opportunity for anyone to speak with the exception of a pastor and a select few.
Most evangelical churches nowadays have smaller home meetings where there is an opportunity to speak. Most reserve the main Sunday worship service time for corporate worship and the ministry of the Word by the teaching elders/pastors. This format seems to work best to keep the services within a reasonable timeframe of 90 minutes or less. Any longer and you are trying the patients and capacity of the average person, especially someone who is unsaved or maybe new to the Faith. Also there is a concern for the time of the children's workers.

I surely understand why the Westminster Assembly has retained the old familiar Local Church format - John Ingalls is around 80 at this point and I wouldn't expect to see much change. The times I was at the W.A fellowship it was mostly people over 40 and many much older. It was over half Chinese/Asian. I don't think there has been much growth, especially in the area of American Caucasians and young people. I think the reason for this is very simple - If people are going to church for just to fulfil some religious need then there are many more attractive/entertaining/uplifting places to go, especially in So. Calif. Conversely, if someone is really seeking the Lord, the ministry of the Word and true/open fellowship with other genuine Christians, then there are also many better choices than the Local Church or any spinoff church that's basically the same but without hearing the name of Lee every other sentence.
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