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Default Re: What ever happened to Max Rappaport, John Ingells?

Originally Posted by UntoHim View Post

I have been to a few of their meetings over the years and found that Ingalls et al have really never "moved on". Everything is the same as the Local Church except they don't used materials with Witness Lee's name on them.

Last I heard, John was in very frail health, and I noted that a website that was started by a church member has not been updated in a year or so.
Here's the link to that website:
Even now the current LSM/LC leaders have not given John nor many of the former elders grace.
I have been to one of the meetings at Westminster. The format is unlike the current LC format (the current LC format being one man's ministry spoken through a variety of voices). Very similar to what I remember prior to the New Way. There may be some former LC members meeting is Westminster, but from my visit I was pleasantly surprised by diversity in ages.
I wonder what is meant by never "moved on". If it's because of the format, I see it's logical have met that way since the 60's. Many former LC members might have trouble meetings any other way where there's no opportunity for anyone to speak with the exception of a pastor and a select few.
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