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Default Re: Lee and LC: Home Runs and Strikeouts

Originally Posted by Truthseeker View Post
Hi, Igzy! Everything you said in here is reasonable and I am with you. But one thing I want to discuss with you is Satan in flesh. I've just discovered creepy and horrible things about this fact. Do you know Yoga and seven chakras according to ancient veda? I have just discovered that through Yoga, we, all human being, have something called Kudalini goddess in us(goddess of snake). We have some kind of so called "divine energy flow" in our body or flesh from our tailbone (maybe root chakra or something) to our forehead (something so called third eye I am not sure because I am not specialist in Yoga or Hindi Veda). But one thing we can see through this stuff is that we have some kind of snake energy flowing in our flesh. This scares me so much and I start to be convinced we maybe have Satan flowing energy like snake within our flesh. What is your opinion, Igzy?

Hi Truthseeker! Sounds like you are seeking!

I certainly am no expert on those subjects either. But I can say that our human being is an amazing creation and has many aspects and sensations. We are wonderfully made by God and we are intended to use all the faculties he gave us to seek and honor him. We can have all kinds of subjective experiences in our body and soul. But unless they are tied back to the truth of the Bible and the Holy Spirit then all bets are off about what they mean or what their source is. Best to avoid them and stick to the Holy Spirit like glue.

We are fallen. Our nature has been broken at the DNA level. That is why many human dysfunctions: Down's Syndrome, alcoholism, some say even homosexuality, to name a few--can be traced to DNA. But that doesn't mean those things are "natural," just that we are broken.

But Satan in our flesh? That idea again was Lee playing fast and loose with his freestyle logic.

Here is what I remember about what he said about it:

Paul in Galatians 2:20 says "It is not I, but Christ who lives in me". Then in Romans 7:17 Paul talking about his failures says, "It is not I, but sin that is living in me."

So Lee said that because Paul used the "Not I, but..." construct in both places, and because Romans says sin is "living" in me, that someone is "living" in our body like Christ lives in our spirit.

Well... this is really just extremely thin gruel. Very questionable exposition. So... I don't think there is anything then even approaching a proof text of an idea that should require a proof text.
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