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Default Re: Lee and LC: Home Runs and Strikeouts

Another way to consider it is this.

It's one thing to love yourself. That's what God does, in the most healthy way, and we should, too.

But things reach a whole 'nother level when your self starts loving you back. That's what happened when the Son was begotten.

This may sound a little narcissistic to our natural ears, but we cannot deny that God loves himself completely, unreservedly, yet in the most holy way. But he is so pure that his love for himself is expressed as love for Another. And from that, his love for all of us was born. That's how great our God is! We would not even be here if he was not like that!

"Love your neighbor as yourself." Or, said another way, "Love yourself as your neighbor." So when we love our neighbors purely, in the manner God does, we are in a very real sense loving ourselves, too. Self-love which conflicts with loving others is not real love. It is fallen self-obsession.

Eventually we are to have relationships with ourselves like the Father has with the Son. I think this may be, ultimately, what "finding your soul" means. Throw in billions of others experiencing the same thing and loving each other as well, and you have God's purpose, and his glory.
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