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Default Re: Greetings from a young person currently in the LC

Originally Posted by BJS03 View Post
It wasn't until this past month that I've been browsing on this forum regularly, and a week or so ago, I found out about Jo's open letter to the saints along with other info on this website that crashed my world.

I never knew that there would be this many problems in the LC, and I have lost a lot of faith in the LC, specifically LSM and brother Lee. Now I'm reconsidering if I want to be a believer or if I want to leave this LC entirely for good.
I've read a lot of posts on this forum that sound like this. Growing up sheltered, not taught how to think critically, fed a sanitized version of events, then when other experiences and perspectives come in, there's no place to put them, and the world-view "crashes" as succinctly put above by BJS03.

While with the FTTA, I heard them tell us, "Don't waste your time" with the old, the poor, the sick, the imprisoned, those who cannot repay you in this age. No, rather go get "good building materials", i.e. college students.

Now they're seeing all those good building materials walk out the door.
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