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Now I have made a whole list of dysfunctional behaviours I observed in LC people, as I became more and more tuned in to what was going on around me. As listed on another post, they are: Judgementalism, relationship breakdowns, dramas, blame shifting, pretence, and I will add, anger to that list, both suppressed and explosive. I want to say, this behaviour sets in when people are in an environment that is emotionally unsafe. Everyone is protecting themselves, running for cover, passing the buck. No-one wants to be the fall-guy. Those who are cleverest at these tactics become the most successful within the social strata, but through means of deception and manipulation. When people are trapped within such a closed system, thatís all the reality a person knows.


Healthy boundaries are not permitted or respected in the LC. This book will help dismantle the overemphasis on authority. When everyone has healthy boundaries and healthy respect for the other persons boundaries, then conflict and need for Ďauthoritative directioní is automatically greatly reduced.

Anger as a result of suppressing injustice, being exploited, and for some, outrightly abused. Being taught to rubbish your own feelings, opinions and individuality hurts deeply and anger is a mask for hurt. (show me an angry person and Iíll show you a hurting person!) Working through it, allowing time and process to create awareness and empowerment to gain control of anger and diffuse it.

Finding the courage to confront, be honest and transparent and able to develop integrity and emotional intimacy with others, to heal that disconnect that has been referred to so often on this forum.
I totally agree with your list of dysfunctional behaviors you identified. I have seen them in spades, especially in the leadership. The rest you wrote quoted above is accurate according to my experience too.
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