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Originally Posted by BJS03 View Post
Hey guys,

I have decided to leave the Lord's Recovery because of its destructive behavior towards the saints and the potential destruction towards my mental health, and I have become an athiest within these 5 months of spiritual turmoil within me after I have learned about the truth about the Recovery movement (through Cal's videos on youtube, Jo Casteel's letter and her situation with her husband now with the lord, this discussion forum, and some online articles and youtube videos on similar cults and how to identify if you are in one). Are there any suggestions to help me go through this process of leaving this group? Also, how do I mentally "check out" before I have a chance to physically leave this movement (still a high schooler right now but will become a college student in two years)? Are there also any young people (high school or college age) formerly within the recovery in this forum?
Hi BJS03,

You came into the Recovery because they presented positive things about God, the Bible, and His people. They were attractive to you at the time. Then, like many of us, you saw problems behind the scenes and became disenchanted. I would suggest that you hold on to everything positive. That's what I am doing. I still cling to the Lord and His Word. Since LC people and their leaders have disappointed you, consider waiting for a season of time, during which you can read and prayer and heal, until the Lord leads you.
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