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Default Re: Does the Bible say we are Sinners?

Originally Posted by Sons to Glory! View Post
Since there haven't been any more responses in the last several days on this topic, I thought to summarize:
  • In Adam, we were all sinners
  • When regenerated with the new birth, believers are now a new creation in Christ
  • Our old man was crucified
  • The blood of Christ cleanses us 100%
  • Our life is hidden with Christ - He is our life (we were put in Him by God)
  • Believers are made God's children because of His life in us
  • Our identity is in Him
  • Though we saints may sin, we are no longer identified specifically as "sinners"

If none of the above is clear, I suggest reading through this thread, which gives various verses and illustrations regarding the matter. (or just ask)
The list again does not give a complete and accurate picture. It reflects our positional status, objectively, but it's short on the subjective side. We could be living in the opposite of each of these items.
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