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Default Re: YouTube Channel Discusses the Local Church

Originally Posted by Curious View Post
Cal, you have made many wise and insightful observations and I believe you have approached the whole subject of the LC very, very well. (Additionally, from the topic of the LC, I am very impacted by the commentary on Noah and his cursing of Ham, I have taught it to my kids already!)
Thanks Curious! And thanks for your insights. Good stuff.

There are two elements: bait and hook. All groups have "bait," so to speak--that is, all groups have some good things that attract potential members. But not all groups have hooks, that is the less pleasant things that hold people there against their will. In the LR, the hook is the fear that you "cannot leave because this is God's unique move blah-blah." For many, succumbing to this lie has become an accepted way of life. (But no subset of the Church has the right to try to hold members in such a way.)

So the hooked rationalize by consoling themselves with the good things of the "church life." And some even glory in their captivity, by believing that such a life is actually better than anything else. It's called coping. It's possibly a form of institutionalization. As you said, it's the wrong form of motivation. Instead of seeking the truth and to be obedient to God, they are seeking to avoid inner conflict and hard decisions.
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