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Default Re: Derek Prince teaching from 40 years ago...

Originally Posted by byHismercy View Post
Hi saints, I was stunned at how applicable this teaching is to saints and in particular to the LC. Brother Prince might just as well have been intimately acquainted with Lee and the LC. Anyway, this brother passed on a few years ago but I really appreciate him.

Also, I don't know where to put a post like this?? Sorry
Thanks, yes, very enlightening speaking. I just listened to another one of his messages, this is an excerpt:

"Concerning usurpation and illegitimate authority, itīs interesting that Jezebel is referred to in the New Testament inside the church in Revelation chapter 2, so is Balaam. So the New Testament warns us, this thing is going to infiltrate the church. Then letīs take church relationships, they are a fertile field for manipulation. A pastor can manipulate his church members, he can threaten them with Godīs disfavor if they do something he doesnīt want. "If you leave this church you will never prosper". What is that? Intimidation, isnīt it?

Another very common way (for witchcraft) is when a man has built his own ministry and he is strong and successful and has achieved a lot but he takes the credit for it, which is a mistake. And God deals with most of his ministering servants like he did with Abraham. He gives him Isaac, and then he says one day I want Isaac back. I have observed in many ministries, after a man has reached a certain point God says I want your Isaac please, lay it on the altar.

Now there are two ways to react and I have seen both. One way is... "this is my ministry, I built it, nobody else can take it, I am the only one, I wonīt." You canīt snub the Holy Spirit and then say come back and help me I have a need. The Holy Spirit is very sensitive. So what happens with such a man is he tends to move into a different spiritual realm, and he becomes self-assertive, dictatorial, critical, critical of other ministries, and exploits and manipulates the people who move under him.

But I am just pointing out, I want you to see how real and relevant are the things I am talking about. They are not things that happened in another country or planet, they are happening all around us in the church the way it is now, and in our homes and families. And witchcraft never came to do any of us any good. Remember what Jesus said, the thief only comes to do, what?, to steal, to kill, to destroy. If you entertain the thief, you can expect him to do just those three things. You have been warned."
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