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Default Re: Greetings from a young person currently in the LC

Originally Posted by Nell View Post

You decided not to have doubts? How’s that working out for you? It looks like you’re having recurring doubts about WL and the LC. I think the Lord is trying to get your attention!!!

You’re a believer! You freely gave yourself to the Lord already, so that deal is done. It would be terrible to walk away from the Lord when the LC and WL are what/who you have problems with...nothing to do with God Himself. So your problem is not with Him. Your problem is with some man-made thing claiming to be the be-all-end-all of the Christian life. Again, the Lord is trying to get your attention! Losing faith in the LC is a good thing. Sometimes the Lord will crash our world so we can start over with a clean slate...with Him. How to start over?

“Just read the Bible” is really good advice. I would add, just read the Bible like it’s a book! No expectations, no pray-reading, no nothin’. Just read it, and definitely not the Recovery Version. I like the NET bible, but there are many others out there. The Bible Gateway website is a good place to try out other versions.

Welcome to the forum!

Nell is absolutely correct. The Lord will sometimes "crash our world so we can start over with a clean slate." I see that you talked to a teacher at SSOT, your parents found out, and you were embarassed. Are your parents in the LC?
In my experience as a serving one there are certain expectations. I don't reallly know how to explain it,. Hmmm...The serving one is only going to lead you to the meetings, ministry and the brothers for 'fellowship' where you'll get more brainwashing and 'encouraged' not to read anything from the internet (such as this forum) The leading ones will teach that it is 'toxic waste' and you need to where a 'toxic waste suit' to read anything 'against the ministry.'

You said that you are considering if you want to be a belilever or leave the LC for good. Being a believer has nothing to do with being in the LC. I believe someone else stated that.

I believe that this is mercy from the Lord. He is opening a door for you. My heart wants to say, "RUN through that door and never look back!" but even I am still afraid to cut the ties completely.

May the Lord give you wisdom and help you decide how to continue on your Christian walk.
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