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Default Re: Trapped... Help?

Hey Vincent,

You show a lot of courage and honesty by coming here. Rest assured God is watching over you. He's a big enough God to take care of you. Try not to worry. Bide you time. Start thinking your own thoughts, as an earlier poster implied.

Here's my suggestions:
  • Nurture your own personal relationship with God based on simple Christian truths. Keep it simple. Just talk to him and pray. Ask him to help you. Read a non-LCM bible.

  • Don't give up on God. A lot of people who leave the LCM get conscience-stricken and wander away from God. Try to avoid this path. It leads to extended time in the wilderness. Just keep talking to God.

  • Do human things. Have a hobby. Make good, healthy friends. Laugh. Relax. Have fun. Take it a day at time.

  • Think positively. Get some books on positive thinking. I recommend Joyce Meyer. The enemy is going to try to get you down. What you practice thinking about is very key. Get control of your thoughts.

  • Make Christian friends outside the LCM. If possible, join YoungLife or another good high school Christian group. My kids love that kind of thing and it's very healthy.

  • Read other authors. Formulate your own views. The LCM view is warped. There are healthier ways of interpreting the Bible and living the Christian life. Find them.

  • Sounds like you are near leaving home. At some point you are going to have to stand up to your parents and tell them how you want to live your life. It will go over a lot easier if they don't just see you going into "the world," but realize you still love Jesus, you just want to do things another way.

  • Pray every day. Keep talking to God. Stay positive and patient. Don't be angry, be determined.

We'll be praying for you. Peace to you.
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