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Default Re: In a local church only a few months... and now leaving.

Originally Posted by love4truth View Post
How can we be in unity as the church if we do not love one another?
In the local churches, most (but not all) are welcomed to come and meet. The love and care that should be without bias, is measured according to ones love for the ministry. That is why it is difficult for local churches to keep a sustained growth. If one has a "take it or leave it" approach to the ministry publications, that one might be considered a waste of time to labor on in love and care.
Talk about unity. Yes there should be unity in the church, but when your common denominator is ministry publications instead of the Bible, in essence it's not local churches, but ministry churches. A fellowship of churches that's more based on uniformity than it is unity. Before there can be unity, there must be love.
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