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Originally Posted by Drake View Post
Well Ok.

But what does that have to do with the discussion about Peter being Satan, or Satan entering Judas, or sin being the personification of Satan, or Satan entering Antichrist.?

Hi Drake, it wasn't meant to address those points, it was not related back to that...I was answering to your point about receiving a believers expounding of the bible...receiving the counsel of many provides a protection for us....the Bereans were praised for receiving the apostles gospel of Christ by being ready of mind and searching all the things they were taught in the scripture....I think the Lord is leading me to emulate the Bereans model....I would not have fallen into deception if I had been searching the scripture in the first place, when I came into contact with the Lee ministry 20+ years ago.

Sorry for going off topic...I just wanted you to know that I deeply believe in counsel,of many saints....fellowship of saints.....searching the scriptures.....just because I reject the Lee ministry as a false thing....I don't reject all teaching from the body...

I'll try to stay on point....I am not always in my lane:
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