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Default Re: Promoting Reading the Publication of the Ministry Among the Saints

Originally Posted by Koinonia View Post
These videos, websites, and letters show the real condition of the LC. The LC is the religion of Witness Lee and Witness Lee's books.
All in all, it is hard to understand how people in the LC don't see through these kinds of promotions, or the condition that it is indicative of.

What I find more concerning, however, is knowing what kind of problem they are creating for LC members when they encourage they to promote the LSM books with what they call "proper aggression." That is bound to backfire sooner or later. For example, one of their outlines on that website tells members to suggestively place ministry books around their home in "convenient locations" in hopes that family members or guests will read the books.

I've seen these types of subtle attempts they use to pressure LC members. It's what most people would call passive-aggressive behavior. For example, I was just telling someone recently about how in the city I'm from, the elders used to sign people up for conferences without asking them, and then tell them that they have been signed up already and need to attend.

That's the same type of tactic as it seems they are promoting here - trying to pressure people without asking them a question directly, which would allow for a yes/no response.
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