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Default Re: "Promoting Reading the Publication of the Ministry Among the Saints"

"HWFMR ... morning after morning ... but it's just like licking bar-b-que sauce off the chicken."
Really? Hold on folks! Wasn't that steady diet of HWFMR, excerpts from the most recent training, supposed to "constitute the reader with the divine riches for the building up of the body of Christ consummating in the New Jerusalem?"

Not kidding!!!! Buy buy buy, listen ... multiple sets of tens of thousands of pages for yuor consumption. Another 20 years of HWFMR + HWFAR ... it'll be like licking bar-b-sauce + chicken skin. Then need mooooore boooooks, tens of thousands of pages + hundreds of thousands of pages and another 20years later of HWFMR+HWFAR+HWFNR .... THEN will be like licking bar-b-que sauce + chicken skin + a slice of chicken meat ...
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