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Originally Posted by djohnson View Post
Ohio & FPO I have no animus towards those in the LCS or those who left it. I merely question those who say they left it but appear to have merely duplicated it elsewhere. Surely you agree that leaving such a system in heart and mind is difficult even if one physically moves on to another church e.g. ABC Community Church. One would conclude that leaving it in heart and mind is even more difficult if one continues in a physical place that basically mimics what one supposedly left behind. A reasonable position don't you think?
djohnson, that's like assuming that no matter where I ever will meet ... I will still love good food. What's wrong with me? No matter how far I distance myself from the LC system, I still love potluck dinners. I can't help myself. I am just mimicing my old ways. I am the total opposite of a "picky eater." The LC made me this way. I can go thru the line and try 2 dozen different dishes without overflowing my plate. What can I do? I tried to leave the "love feasts" in heart and mind, but I can't do it. I am ruined forever.
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