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Originally Posted by Hope View Post
I am a little put out with you. I need to get on with other things besides this thread but you keep putting out these excellent posts with such concise and pointed insight. You make me think and consider and then desire for your points to be expanded through some dialogue.

So cut it out!!!


But as to the person you are referring to. He was who he was without any help from WL or James Barber. Sadly the way the leadership structure was set up he was able to bring in his own problem ways.

I never try to be that troublesome. It is just the nature of a seriously introverted INTP. (Google that. It is an eye-opener about my temperament.)

As for the one you mention as just being who he was, I think I already knew that, but no matter why or how, he was a problem right there among us.

While there are many other comments I could make here, I will note that you sent me an IM to which I would love to respond. You will need to delete some messages first because it won’t let me send anything to you.
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