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Originally Posted by Hope View Post
I have witnessed individual elders abuse individual brothers or sisters. I have heard of such instances. These were very rare before the late 70s and were the actions of a very few persons. This should not have happen but it was not the norm.
Well, then, let me ask you to speak to this, Hope.

Isn't frequency of occurrence an irrelevant consideration if everyone is endeavoring in fear to minimize the frequency?

If my father thrashes me mercilessly with a belt until I am black and blue, though he does that only once, and I remain rightly terrified of it happening again because of subtle threats of a recurrence, is my younger brother unreasonable in concluding that this is a "norm?"

And more to the point of what I think gets you motivated on this topic, does my mother unreasonably bear some semblance of responsibilty in the eyes of my younger brother for the situation continuing, even though I lied to her when she asked me about where the bruises came from?

I know you can't prove a negative, Hope, and I don't ask you to do so.

I just wonder if you agree with my way of viewing such matters.

I admit I might be wrong and I've taken your correction before.

Thank you.
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