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Originally Posted by New Beginnings View Post
Thank you, I do not disagree with this at all. I have seen these qualities in the men whose hearts belong to the Lord.
One time on this forum, a testimony was posted concerning an LC brother who would not help his sick wife do the dishes because he "didn't want to do it out of his natural man." I could not believe it. It was at that point I realized just how sick some of Lee's teachings were. It helped to explain why so many marriages in the LC had failed. Lee's teaching that interprets "honey as natural affection that destroys the offering" is frankly pathetic.

Another sickening trait that has plagued my wife and I is the critical, judging attitude we picked up. Between the two of us, we had more than 6 decades learning how to critique "all things Christian." I still tell people I am a "recovering judgaholic." There is no way any Christian could spend that many hours in Lee's meetings, and then not go home and criticize one another. How can any marriage survive non-stop nit-picking and tearing one another down?

In the LC, whenever one of us addressed leadership abuses and offenses, the standard answer was "did you gain Christ?" Hence, LC leaders could go on unchecked for years behaving like a bully. Forget about some cursory teaching about love when the patterns we observed were to the contrary. "Aren't you here for Christ, if you are here for anything else, you will always be disappointed. Be a man! Isn't grace sufficient for you?" Constant intimidations like these have the effect of destroying the much needed love in every marriage, every family, and every church.

New Beginnings, you and your family need much time being loved in the greater body of Christ. It's so wonderful that you have found some precious sisters in Christ who are showing you what the real "church life" should be like. You need a "recovery" from the Recovery. LSM has replaced the real love for His Son, for His people, and for His word with a false love for their ministry, their program, and their books. Your husband needs the same. He needs to be "circumcised" from any loyalty to the dead program of a dead man, and "resurrected" to a fresh devotion to Jesus Christ and your family.

We must all pray for this.
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