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Default Re: How to help people whose friends and relatives are active members of th

Originally Posted by InChristAlone View Post
But are there any practical steps how to pull our dear friends and relatives out of the cult, soothe their pain, and then help them find peace, joy...
My own experience tells me that it is difficult to "pull" them out by "telling" them. It's a subjective experience. Stories varied. Some might involve Lord's callings. Mine was ugly and inhumane.

If they are happy there, let them be. Our Lord loves them too. It will cause unnecessary frictions among us when our love ones are pushed too hard.

Someone once told me: Going through poverty might be a good thing, so you will know going to the "full time training" is a stupid thing to do. How do you feed your family while going to the training? I was too comfortable (never lived in poverty) so that I had time and money to attend meetings after meetings and buying LSM books after books. When I stopped doing that, I saw the other side of the local church I was in. It's my sujective experience.
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