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Default Re: How to help people whose friends and relatives are active members of th


Like Ohio, I am impressed by the serious review of a lot of sources. But I would be wary of certain kinds of discussions, such as . . . .
Similarities between the church of Witness Lee and Mormons, Jehovah Witness, Islam, etc.
I am not saying that there are no comparisons. But too often, just like the discussion of "cults," just pointing to those groups creates presumptions of much more than is intended.

For example, many hear "cult" and assume Moonies, Jim Jones, David Koresh. All extremes and 2 of the 3 ended in a form of suicide. Not what we are thinking about or expecting concerning the LRC.

And Mormons don't really beleive that Jesus is their savior (at least not from what I can gather) but the LRC does.

It is dangerous, not because there are not comparisons, but because even those who think there is something wrong with them (the LRC) will quickly dismiss the discussion as going too far because you even mention those groups.

Sort of falls under a logical fallacy referred to as the "ad Hitlerum" [sp?] fallacy. Just comparing anything to Hitler, no matter how valid the specific comparison may be, automatically drags everything else about Hitler into the discussion and you are totally derailed.

In any case, a comparison to another error is not relevant to the discussion of the actual error. It is more important to know what the errors of the LRC are than to consider whether they might be like someone else's errors.
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