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Default Re: Lee's errorous teaching concerns being in spirit and out of mind.

Originally Posted by Drake View Post
No UntoHim.... Brother lee did not teach that...

"When I am invited to any dinner, I only know how to eat; I don’t know how to investigate. Sometimes, however, I noticed that when a poor eater was invited to dinner, he didn’t eat. Rather he tried his best to find bones in the chicken. He was not a chicken eater; he was a chicken-bone finder. It seems his job was to find the bones. We have put out many issues of The Stream magazine and many life-study messages for people to eat. What a shame that this poor man was only looking for bones. We put out these messages only for the eaters; we never put them out for people to find bones. There may be some bones in every message. " Perfecting Training, Chapter 8 ; Witness Lee

If someone wants to find bones or husks they are there, but there is chicken there too. Chicken bones don't bother me, I eat around them. Husks don't bother me, I toss them away... too much really good food on which to feast to bother picking through things not intended for consumption.

Good practice, eat the chicken and spit out the bones. Eat the corn, toss the husks. That is the best way to enjoy the Lord's provision.


Never happened in actual giving messages even that quote exists.
If there is anything that the people of our day need to realize, it is these very words of Jonah, simple yet neglected: “Salvation is of the LORD.”
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