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Default Re: The Vision of the Age, the Ministry of the Age, and the Minister of the

Originally Posted by Drake View Post
-2>”It is interesting that this letter condemning Titus was made public by the BBs, yet if anyone responds, questions, or puts forth a defense then "it is beyond imagination" that this response is of the Lord.”


That is not what I said and this is a good example of how you change what I said to fit a narrative of your own creation.

First, my comments about “imagination” were not about the letter .... what was I referring to when I made those comments ZNP?

Second, I never objected to anyone responding, asking questions, or putting forth of a defense of the letter..... exactly what was my objection?

Third, you quoted me wrong and you quoted me out of text... we were not discussing if it were a response from the Lord. Quote me correctly and what was the context?

You are a person that demands righteousness from others.... then how about accurately representing what I stated.

Always accusing others of what you regularly do. Just sayin' ...
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