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Default Re: 'Ground of the Church'

Originally Posted by UntoHim View Post
Then there is the stark reality that Local Church elders really don't function anything like elders described in and modeled by the New Testament. They are actually more like branch managers of a local franchise of the Living Stream Ministry corporation. They are only allowed to serve Lee burgers, Lee fries and Lee shakes, which are all neatly wrapped and supplied by the headquarters in Anaheim. The menu is strictly dictated and sternly enforced by the members of The Board (aka The Blended Brothers).
How very true!

Careful examination of LC history shows that every so-called "storm" or supposed "rebellion" in the Recovery actually began with some elders attempting to protect the saints from Nee, Lee, and LSM.

How do you think the Great Shepherd of the flock feels when the elders He has appointed (Acts 20.28) get expelled by a ministry for protecting the very people He died for?
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