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Originally Posted by JB482 View Post
Beholding and reflecting the face of Jesus Christ! Amen
Here's what I posted recently on beholding the face of Jesus Christ. If you want to see Christ, hang out with those who are seeking His face. The LSM system tried to deny that basic Christian right. "We have right to the tree of Life".

Originally Posted by aron View Post
My point is this: if you want to see the face of Christ, read the works of those who can help you see. Even those who don't agree with you, and with whom you don't agree. ... Again I say this is what Watchman Nee did - he availed himself of disparate sources. He didn't have to agree with everything. But he was willing to use different materials to help him see Christ.

Contrast this to the "sickbed theology" of LSM, who says, if any of their flock reads from other sources, they might get 'poisoned' spiritually. What an admission of weakness!
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