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Default Re: Does "Baptist" Mean to a Baptist What "Recovery" Means..

Originally Posted by Evangelical View Post
Taking bread and wine in various places, are these "various places" denominations? If so that sounds divisive.

Going back to a biblical example. Suppose all the 12 disciples are gathered with Christ ready to celebrate the Passover. On this occasion, John says he can't join them because he has to go and celebrate Passover with the Pharisees (a denomination of Judaism). Peter also cannot attend because he is celebrating Passover with the scribes (another denomination). They all love Christ and the Spirit tells them they are "one with all the Jews". And maybe the Scribes and Pharisees joined Christ and disciples for Passover as well sometimes.
Are there verses that directly connect the Lord's table with the teaching of oneness? In order to take the table properly, must we all agree we are one & also not be divisive in our practice (e.g., denominations)? I'm not sure where specific passages are that would back that up . . .

So it might sorta sound good, but please show me in case I've missed those references.
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