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Default Re: Does "Baptist" Mean to a Baptist What "Recovery" Means..

Originally Posted by Sons to Glory! View Post
The full quote you are referring to is this: So brother Drake, that may sound strong, but do you disagree that this is the practice of the LC?
And I hope to hear your reply to to the three points I commented on (in bold) in post #95. Thanks!
Of course I disagree with that fabricated characterization of the practice in the local churches! “Crime”? Absurd! Where has the thought or word “crime” ever come up” ?There is no such teaching that God loves local church Christians and not all Christians equally. Of course He loves all Christians equally. Does that mean He loves everything all Christians do? Of course not ! He spells out very clearly in Revelation 2 & 3 that He has some things against us. We need to heed those things. Heeding those matters, hating what He hates, communicating those amongst ourselves is our responsibility. There is a vast difference between standing with the Lord in the things He both loves and hates and the false allegation that local church members condemn other believers for the “crime” that they do not meet with us. If you believe that false assertion , and I assume you do since you “yes and amen”ed it, then it does not matter what I think of your other three questions. Which I am happy to answer if we can settle this matter.

What I suggest is you take a few minutes to read Watchman Nee’s booklet... “What Are We?”. It is the best explanation of this matter.

Try this link:

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