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Default Re: Does "Baptist" Mean to a Baptist What "Recovery" Means to an LCer?

Originally Posted by Ohio View Post
Dear Drake, you have a long history of dismissing the concerns of every wounded or hurting child of God who comes to this forum.

Thank the Lord for those willing to be "Good Samaritans," rather than all the know-it-all "priests and Levites" in the LC movement. (Luke 10.25-37)

Listen to byHismercy's own comments ...

And you have the nerve to tell her she is proud, and I am playing the "victim card."
And there it is yet again. Pride on open display. ....

You are the Good Samaritan and I am the know it all Levite.

Please, come down off your high horse Ohio. We're trying to have a conversation down here. All that neighing and whinnying is drowning out anything meaningful you might add.

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