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Default Re: Does "Baptist" Mean to a Baptist What "Recovery" Means to an LCer?

Originally Posted by byHismercy View Post
Hello, Ohio! The main tangible difference in attitude that I can see would be the aspect of division. I just am at a complete loss to ever understand....why is it we cannot be together in our christian walk with the saints in the LC?? What real difference is there? All the crucial components of faith and salvation are here!! The very Christ Himself we have in common....why not simply agree to disagree with each other over the Lee ministry....who even cares? The whole situation is the saddest situation I have been (an unwilling) partner in. It grieves me and I just think if my friends in the LC would simply look at me and listen, they would understand the damage this practice does to individuals in the body....I truly believe this is against the Lords' heart for His family....

Praise Jesus, the great physician! He is well able to handle this! I thank Him for you all, opening this conversation up to this public forum....I don't know where I'd be today if I was still under the deception that it was only me that got shunned from this group of real believers! I'd be a wreck, I think. I pray the light of Christ shines into every heart here....
Originally Posted by awareness View Post
That's sweet of you. Thanks. My explication is, they don't accept me ... or want me. That's why.
Yes Harold, and it becomes an impasse, a stumbling in the Lords' body, doesn't it? Has any LCer ever tried to justify this practice to you with scripture? I just don't understand how real christians can go so far from Gods' word....I have noticed insofar as this forum goes....they cannot address this matter of unrighteously dividing the body of Christ....I guess this also explains why they cannot discuss it, after it is committed. God bless you, Harold. He wants you....He receives you.
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