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Originally Posted by Peter Debelak View Post

I appreciate your "yes" approach to raising kids. My father used to say that Nancy Reagan's "Just Say No" campaign was the stupidest thing ever. Relatedly, I recall when my father moved to Anaheim and was involved with the YP work there. He started preaching this same message - inspiring the "young people" to dive into their goals. "Become the best middle-linebacker you can...", "become the editor of your yearbook...". Let's just say the reception from the "leaders" wasn't the most positive (with some exceptions). A typical response: "But if they're in football, they will miss many Friday night meetings..."

P.S. My parents' testimony is there's to tell. But I do find a little pleasure in using my parents as examples in making observations - getting my dad back for all those occasions I was the "example" in one of his messages...
Hey brother Peter,

I highly commend you for going public with your identity. Hopefully, over time, you can say much more, because I have had a whole boat load of comments that I have wanted to say before about different aspects of the positive impact your family has had, even though your dad was often "muzzled" by the bosses.

Anyways, great comment about "just say no!" As one who grew up in a huge family, with little personal coaching, that's really all I knew. No wonder things went so bad for me, because I had little or no encouragement to pursue anything positive, only discipline to stop the negative. Healthy children need a little more than just "no."

The LC's often times had the same mind set, "what if they miss the Friday night meeting." It was always "short term gain," and subsequent "long term loss."

After I withdrew from the LC's, I could not believe some of the thoughtful observations my son made. He saw thru things I was just beginning to be aware of. How difficult it is to self-critique a program I had spent decades defending.
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