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Default Re: Does "Baptist" Mean to a Baptist What "Recovery" Means to an LCer?

Originally Posted by Oregon View Post
What get’s old Igzy is your endless criticism of “ the local churches”...
Oregon, I understand your views, having protested regularly myself about the implications conveyed by words such as "cult, Kool-Aid, idolatry," etc. The forum can be a toxic place indeed. And ... I should add that the "Texas brand" of LCism was perhaps the most obnoxious of all. Hence, their regularly extreme assessments of the movement.

Ole' Igzy's comments here were not like that, and actually were helpful. I think we both would agree that over time the LC's have become denominated. I was persuaded of this several years ago solely due to the matter of "headquarters," and find the matter of "what's your name," to be secondary to this.

Oregon, your testimony is helpful. You have found a way to fellowship with believers both inside the LC's and out. Even though, as Igzy points out, they are both in denominations, they also are all believers, children of God, with Christ within. This is why I continually differentiate the bad behavior of LSM and LC leaders from the LC saints. Many saints are precious indeed. Many don't agree with LSM teachings and practices that differ from scripture. They stay for many reasons, and we should realize this fact in our posts.
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