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Originally Posted by aron View Post
Did anyone else feel this pressure for conformity in this manner? Catholics of course got re-baptized, because as Protestants (the LC was a Protestant spin-off) the infant sprinkling meant nothing. And Chinese of course got baptized as genuine heathen.

But what about already baptized Christians? Did anyone else see this? My sense was that this was the LC norm, not just in my group.
When I entered the LC, I had been baptized as an infant, and since others knew that, I was queried on a number of occasions about baptism. Since they asked me if the Lord had spoken to me to be baptized again, I could tell them no. Then one gospel meeting, the lord spoke to my heart, completely unrelated to the message, and I was baptized that night. It was glorious!

Here in the GLA, I saw little promotion to baptize those members who were already baptized as adults. The thought was to heed the Lord's speaking, but it was not a problem truth-wise to get rebaptized since Israel passed thru the Red Sea and the River Jordan. I did know some who were baptized again.

During the New Way, at the summer of the 1987 young people conference in Irving following a stint in Taipei, there definitely was excessive promotion by the LSM "trainers." They had whipped up all the kids (mainly HSer's) into a frenzy, who then challenged older saints and elders to also get rebaptized. Titus Chu refused! (And I think some other GLA workers who were also there.) Then apparently LSM's fleshly rumor mill cranked up the volume.
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