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Default Re: "Early Nee" vs. "Later Nee"

Originally Posted by Oregon View Post
At what point in time did division of the body become acceptable? It was condemded in Paul's day but now it is OK because to practice the oneness of the body is unworkable and therefore not necessary. So it is no longer important to God,. A simple hand shaking while we all stay in our practicle divisions is the current move of God on earth.
Respectfully, Oregon, in the first place, it's your definition of division, not the Bible's. In the the second place, the local ground model of non-division produces division. As I said, it's self-contradictory, and so it is an absurdity.

Why does the local ground model produce division? Because it is practically based on expecting everyone to agree on who the elders over the city are. Since who they actually are cannot be proven, to expect everyone to agree about it is unreasonable and thus contentious and divisive.

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