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Default Re: The Sin of Noah?

Originally Posted by awareness View Post
Well thought out presentation on Noah. Thanks. Lot's of possibilities of interpretations.

One we know well from the Nee/Lee family, with their self-aggrandizing Deputy Authority.

In the end, I have to ask, what makes the Noah story important to us today? We can't magically curse our children, and their descendants ... and why would we want to? The world doesn't operate like that anymore. Thank God, or somebody, maybe things like the Renaissance, enlightenment, and age of knowledge should be thanked. But in the end, face it, it's just not the same as back then with Noah.

So ... now that we see thru Nee & Lee's Noah-cover-the-deputy-authority crazy doctrine and manipulation, why is the Noah story important today?

Howbeit, the Epic of Gilgamesh, written 1200 yrs circa before the Noah story, is still important today, as from The Age of Antiquity, so maybe the Noah story is important to historians ... and to the Bible is everything bunch, who dream and wish that the world could be like it was back in the days of the book of Genesis & Noah.

But I have no room to talk ... obviously. Still, I'm not gonna let preachers like Lee, or any others, drag me, and the world, back to the bronze age ... or maybe the stone age.
Having met with non-LC/LSM assemblies, I can say they don't give nearly as much attention or weight on Noah that the so-called recovery does. I think Witness Lee & LSM have dependence on their interpretation of Noah in order to have any scriptural basis for their deputy authority doctrine.
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