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Default Re: A little background

Thanks for sharing boughtbyJesus. For such a newbie Christian you sure have an unusual power of perception into the obvious. I sure wish that I could have been as sharp when I encountered the local church.

I remember my wife invited a friend from work to a meeting and she jumped right, just loving the church life with bubbly & bouncy enthusiasm. With excitement she brought her bank president husband and his VP from work to a meeting. They were standing right behind me when the meeting took flight, so to speak, and I heard one of them say to the other, "These people are half a bubble off level." They never returned.

I have to ask myself -- and kick myself -- why didn't I catch on that quick? It took me 10 years.

Sis. I still haven't figured out what drove me to join and stay in the LC that long. I look back now and it seems that I was deluded during those years.

And that brings me to:

Originally Posted by boughtbyJesus View Post
He has no individual voice!
There you have it sis ... in a nutshell. The loss of the individual voice or self is indicative of willfully accepting mind control.

Call it sect, cult, eccentric, fringe, whatever, but it is not mentally healthy.

Sure wish I could give you clear advise that would solve your problem and save your marriage. But people under any kind of mind control have to come out on their own. Short of pulling an intervention with the services of a professional deprogrammer, there's nothing anyone can do to convince someone under mind control that would break them free. In fact, the harder you try, the harder you push, to change them, or get them free, the deeper they run in, and dig in. Your efforts could actually drive them deeper into the mind control system.

Fighting will accomplish nothing but driving you further apart.

My heart goes out to your husband, that he'll wake up and get free ... and to you, that you'll be able to hang in there long enough for that to happen.

Blessings ...
Cults: My brain will always be there for you. Thinking. So you don't have to.
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