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Default Re: Does 2 Peter 2's warning of false teachers describe Witness Lee?

Originally Posted by OBW View Post
Actually, an unclear example.
In other words, the thief does not possess enough characteristics common to that of a healthy, 21st century person who manages to live another 50 years after some kind of serious encounter with God to provide a definitive answer.
I think you guys are over-analyzing.

Look, if there was any chance that salvation wasn't eternal then do you think God would deliver his message in a way they gave anyone but fringe nuts the idea that it is eternal? But a huge portion of his people do believe it's eternal. Why? Because there is a whole bunch of Biblical evidence that it is! Don't you think God knew how that would be interpreted?

What's worse, believing salvation is eternal and finding out it isn't, or believing it isn't and finding out it is? Obviously it's those believing the first option that have the big problem. So that being the case it stands to reason that God would not give people any reason to believe the first option. But he does. That tells me something.

God isn't trying to trick us. Salvation isn't a puzzle. He isn't trying to keep us guessing to keep us on our toes. What kind of God do you guys know, anyway? I believe in a God who wants to save people, not in one who is trying to trip them up.
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